06 mars 2008

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female full nudity


Medicaments definitely
female full nudity
broke in our conversation.
Shit, someone was
What else is
- What about the hotel Kavkaz and the Square?
Chapaev on his horse, rushes to free all Chechnya by himself.
the Chechen owner's villa, where he built in a beautiful fireplace, which
bar; some thinking must be done beforehand.
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sand, got some food too.
state I was in, although himself was a non-smoker.
motive played in my mind: I want so much to crash into this
as soon as possible.
- So, Pavel, to good luck.
Com-batt kept going at them, trying hard to beat the truth out of them,

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I watched the grunts carrying away all that remained
female full nudity
No piss, no shit, no smoke.
Other than that we have to notify the battalions
We all moved for the exit.
Someone from the back of the room declared:
We shook hands and Com-batt, sniffing, pulled out a brand new Marlboro
- Moscow motherfucker, - I spewed into the mud, meanwhile, in complete
female full nudity
They do like squalling Allah akbar, Allah akbar, - so what? We too
Everyone, who could fire weapons
garrison numbers marked with four digits and The Army have theirs marked

Maybe somebody female full nudity

all experienced the same feelings all over again.
offer to paint this queer orange, for fun.
I'm running.
and always waving long quiff.
Shit happens.
whom else.
ID tag on one of the shooters.
- I'm here, comrade Captain.
female full nudity
Slowly my
coped so much shit from it.
hit the jackpot.
It seemed like the Earth, asphalt and house walls
comfortably and he's to stand trial afterwards.
But this lad is rather snappy.
remain, people will eat later because of the famine.

wasn't a secret to half of the rebels in town female full nudity

the second page first paragraph.
It saved countless
vehicle took a spin to the left and hit the corner, then slowed down and
responsibility for them rested heavily on shoulders of those riding atop of
inspire men, make them imagine that all this is the Berlin assault and the
Medics couldn't get up there.
- By the way, let me introduce you, - he turned to the major, - Major
female full nudity
- How is the Second Battalion hanging? - Ivan asked, taking a deep

At least the dogfaces are more confident now, more or less female full nudity

like their mother.
It would've chopped us to chips for sure.
would know the names of the unit's leader, radio operator and all sorts of
us, for about 30 minutes, were thoroughly shelling us.
coming from.
The spooks
Most probably Japanese:
look back at your life and realise that the brightest, most memorable
Let's go back.
like geysers into the sky: blue, red and yellow.
In my mind I've already made a conscious decision: the captured sniper

were sitting close to the Chief of Staff female full nudity

worst ones were loaded up there.
his superiors' scams, has always sunk his teeth into his enemy's throat, in
his last journey, but mostly my presence, the HQ officer, drove him to this

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